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Man Balancing on Gymnastics Rings

Term Dates


Please note squad term dates may be different from the standard term dates. Please speak to your coach to confirm squad term dates.

Next Holiday Closure

The gym will be closed for the Christmas break:

Dates to be confirmed

Please remember that your fees are calculated on number of sessions delivered a year divided equally by twelve months, this is to ensure there is consistency for you and us. Your normal monthly payments are discounted by all the gym closures in the year, plus three days of unexpected closures like heavy snow, coach illness etc. Please do not cancel your payments during a holiday period.

Start Date

End Date


Spring 1



Summer 1

Spring 2

Summer 2

Wed - 4th January

Sat - 18th February


Mon -  23rd October

Sat - 14th October

Mon - 7th August

Mon - 17th April

Sat - 27th May

Mon - 27th February

Sat - 1st April

Mon - 5th June

Sat - 15th July

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