Home warm up/conditioning/Flexibility for Monday 8th June 2020

Home warm up/conditioning/Flexibility for Monday 1st June

Home warm up/conditioning/Flexibility for Monday 18th May

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Home warm up/conditioning/Flexibility for Tuesday 12th May

Recreational Gymnasts - Hour long sessions

Preschool Shape sheet for them to learn off by heart

Recreational 75 mins and 90 min sessions

so the weekend challenge for 28th and 29th march is to put everything together:-

  1. Skipping for 1 minute

  2. Step into handstand

  3. Press ups 1 minute

  4. sit ups 1 minute

  5. Burpees 1 minute

  6. Split stretches - use the sheet unloaded by Hazel yesterday on facebook

  7. Finish with Cat and Seal and Bridges x 3 each - see video on facebook

  8. Bridge challenges can be 1st one for 10-15secs, 2nd one adding leg lifts, 3rd one jumping off feet x 5

The shape sheet above, turn it into a game:-

print off the photo and cut the shapes out, fold in half and put into a bag or a box.

on small pieces of paper, write out 10 different numbers ranging from 5 secs to 1 min, fold in half and place in another bag/box.

someone chooses a shape, someone else chooses a number. Can everyone hold that shape for the required amount of time, being as still as a statue!!

Have fun 

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