Updates for Upstarts members - 

Dear Parents (January 2021)

Following the Government’s recent announcement, the Midlands will now be moving into tier 4, along with the majority of the country. This means that unfortunately the Club will not be open until the restrictions are lifted for our area. 

As you can imagine this has been, and continues to be, an extremely worrying time for community sports clubs like ourselves. Navigating through this year has been harder than we ever imagined it would be and once again our whole focus has now turned to keeping our young gymnasts engaged, our fantastic coaching team in jobs and ensuring that we have a club for you to return to once this Coronavirus Pandemic is over.
Thank you to those of you who have already been in touch offering your support and encouragement once again, we cannot tell you how much this means to us and our team.

Timescales are uncertain at present, but we wish you all well.  Stay safe and healthy, and we hope to see you back in the gym before too long.


The Coaching Team

November 4th 2020

From tomorrow 5th November, due to the recent Lockdown measures, Upstarts will have to close for the full 4 weeks.  Some of our coaches will be making some videos for your children to watch and continue to do some conditioning work etc at home so they don't lose what they've just gained over the last 3 months with coming back to gymnastics.

In the meantime, please stay safe and well and we look forward to seeing you all in December.

September 2020

Social distancing measures are in place to make sure that all gymnasts and coaches keep a 2m distance between each other. 

Hand sanitiser is available around the gym area for everyone to use as and when they wish to.  

Cleaning methods have been put in place to keep everything as hygienically clean as possible.

You can find our new policies under the Heading 'Club Policies' and clicking on 'starting back'.

We do have a waiting list and are accepting children to be added, but be aware, that in these difficult times, it could be a very long wait depending on which class they need.

Thursday 9th April 2020

Dear Parents of Upstarts Gymnasts.

We have some good news in this current dilemma.

Upstarts gymnastics has been given a Grant from Charnwood BC, add this to those fee payments received in April, that HMRC will pay our forloughed coaches, our utility bills will be at a minimum amount, there are no business rates for us this year, not quite sure what's happening about our rent yet - however we did put money aside for this anyhow as we always do - but parents, you can all cancel your standing orders completely.

We have worked out that we will manage financially until the end of July, what happens after this we are not sure.

We do not know exactly what the next 2 or 3 or 4 months will entail, but we can keep afloat for now.

Please remember that you are in charge of cancelling your payments, Upstarts cannot do this for you.

Anyone who still wishes to pay a monthly contribution, this will be seen as a voluntary donation to Upstarts and not towards your child's gym fees/sessions.

Everyone, I must stress to you that your child's place is completely safe in the club. When everything resumes back to normal, your child will attend their session on their normal day. Just before we finished, I did move some children to other classes, this still stands, so they will move to their new session when we return.

You will all receive a text to make sure that everyone knows about this. If you have any queries, then please email me at upstartsgym@outlook.com, or use the contact page on this website, and I will endeavour to get to back to you.

Let's hope it's not too long before things get going again, but for now, please remember to stay at home unless there is a necessity to go out, stay safe, and protect the NHS

Update to all parents about fees.

I really do understand this is a difficult time for everyone financially.
    1) everyone's place in the club is safe
    2) although the government has put some financial measures in place, I'm really not sure when we will get this financial assistance as it won't be immediate.
    3) No one is getting paid from Upstarts, we managed to pay for March using the March fees, but what happens in April, I don't know yet
    4) I will leave it entirely up to you, the parents, if you can pay something to keep us ticking over in the short term then yes please and thank you for the help, and those that do, WE WILL make it up to you somehow when we re-open.
    5) those of you who can't, it will not be held against you, I understand the financial difficulties we are all having to face and yes I am very scared indeed.

So I don't expect you all to pay full fees for not getting anything in return. I must leave this decision with yourselves to decide on whether you can donate a small amount of money or nothing at all.

The most important thing at this moment in time is to follow government guidelines, stay home, stay safe, and only leave the house if you have to in order to buy food and or medicines etc.

Thank you for your patience and sorry that this whole coronavirus has caused such an upheaval to us all and I apologise to all of you who feel that the communication between the club and yourselves has not been sufficient to keep you updated on all the changes that are happening.

My heart goes out to everyone in this very difficult time and especially the key workers and those behind the scenes who are working night and day to keep this country going so we have a life to come back to in a few weeks or months time.


Tuesday 24th March

Well, been listening to the news everyday to get the update from Boris, so now we're in lockdown.

A lot of supermarkets have now got designated time slots for NHS workers and the elderly, do check on their websites, shop responsibility, get only what you need.

To keep your child occupied with exercise, see our Homework page,  do look at https://www.thebodycoach.com/

He's excellent and you join him every day.

If you have any ideas, then let me know via the contact  page and I will endeavour to add them to both this website and our facebook page.

In the meantime, Keep Safe and well, and up to date.

Blanket cancellation until further notice

Wednesday evening 18th March at 19:50 hours



Unfortunately due to the ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus (following guidance from the Government) We have made the difficult decision to cancel all club activity until further notice. During this period of closure we will continually assess the situation and review the closure period as required.

Your monthly fees have a built in tolerance which allows us to cancel up to 2 sessions a year without the need for us to give refunds. For all further sessions you are able to request a refund

Whilst we are extremely mindful a number of you will need to seek a refund, we would ask you to consider that the club is a not for profit organisation. If the club is unable to offer sessions we still have to cover the standard operating costs such as rent and salaries. With this in mind, if any of our club members are in a position to consider a good will gesture in not seeking a refund it would be greatly appreciated.

The health and well-being of our wonderful coaches, gymnasts, and their families, is our priority during this challenging time. We look forward to being able to return to our normal training schedule in the near future. In the meantime we will keep you all updated via our Facebook page.

Wednesday 18th March

Ok, so when it comes to dropping off and collecting your child from Upstarts this is what we'll do.

  • Entry is from 4pm,

  • f they can get changed in the car (we know not ideal) this would be great

  • Parents may come in and make sure your child washes their hands,

  • Parents leave

  • Gymnasts will sit on the bench and wait until it's time for the session to begin.

  • End of the session, coach will open the front door and wave sending the children out one at a time to the waiting parents, if need be a coach will walk them to their car.


We realise this causes an inconvenience, but we want to stay open for as long as possible. It keeps the regular routine going, gymnastics will burn off some of their energy too.

The kitchen upstairs has had a deep clean, next will be the parent area. The equipment, toilets, railings, handles etc etc are all disinfected every day.


It's a very tricky time and situation, yes of course we want what is best for everyone, so if your child is fit and healthy like us coaches are, then let's keep going for now.

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Here at Upstarts we have decided we will stay open for as long as possible. The equipment plus other areas are cleaned everyday just for your reassurance.

However, to help minimise risk we are introducing from today, 17th March, the following points:-

If your child is ill or unwell in any way, please stay away.


  • If you have any underlying health issues then please don't attend.


  • Use your own discretion about whether you wish your child to attend or not


  • Everybody must wash their hands when they arrive and when they leave.


  • We are CLOSING the upstairs area to all - Please drop off your child and come back later or sit in your car as an alternative, this will also reduce socialisation.

  • Lastly, the fun week we planned is cancelled until further notice.

Your co-operation would be greatly appreciated and we apologise for the inconvenience caused. Remember, this is all temporary until we are back to normality again.

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